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Dear all,

What a successful day! I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the grand success of our fourth Annual get together that took place on 11 June 2016. Without your presence and help it would not be possible for such a beautiful get together. I would like to thank those who took full responsibility on food, drink, entertainment and treasures group who worked tirelessly for more than 14 hours. I do not have any words to explain for your commitment. This is how our organization is becoming stronger day after day. The sponsors we have are unbelievable, how can I thank you. I am wordless. Well done, £3,440.00 sponsored for the annual get together in 2016 only. I bow my head and congratulate everyone on the behalf of our Samaj because of you, PHSUK is together and stronger for ever. What a fantastic programme introduced by Mr Prakash Gurung for the children. Dr Sachin Gurung ran the show so nicely. Wo1 (Retd) Jas Bahadur Gurung voluntarily managed to collect £115.00 from pensioner group for the children morale. Children are the future and we preserve our culture, dress, language and ethos. This simply step helps many. I would like to mention each and everyone’s name here but if I missed someone then he/she would be disappointed so I better thank you all that made the day very successful. I would also like to thank to the donors of Panchase Harpandanda Akashmik Swasthya sewa Samiti Kaski Nepal. We collected 1(one) lakh rupees and £415.00 on the day. We also had a chance to welcome Mr Gangadhar Parajuli and Mrs Sushila Paudel who are famous public figures in Nepal. I would say this is the best annual get together since we established in 2012. All credit goes to committee members, volunteers and our fantastic guests. I must mention Mrs Ritu Gurung’s professional dance, which made the party very colourful. Once again I would like to congratulate 4 young graduates and recently married couple, Cpl Shiva Gurung and Dr Rajani Gurung. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the British Summer. See you soon. All the best.


With Best Regards,

Damar kaji Gurung